Saturday, September 18, 2010

Adventure with the LeRoy boys

This last week has been pretty busy. Sunday night I stayed over at the LeRoys house because the next morning Colleen and Pastor Hayden were leaving for the pastor and wives retreat in...a beach somewhere in Oregon and they wouldn't be back until Thursday. I woke up Monday morning, fed all 5 boys breakfast, we traded silly bands, went for a walk. Ashley Mask came over at around 10:00. The kids couldn't wait until she got there because I told them that Ashley had more silly bands than I did and so she would have more to trade :)

I learned a lot from the 4 days I was staying there:
  1.  I learned it's definitely harder to babysit with someone else there that has some different opinions on how things should be done. Me and Ashley seemed to disagree a lot, but we talked about it, but we talked the very last day so it was kinda too late to actually change anything. But at the end of the night, we were watching The Office, laughing hysterically, talking...eating. We never went to bed angry.
  2. I learned that I wouldn't mind ever having 5 boys of my own someday. I know it's different when they are your own, but I had a good time in these 4 days!
  3. I also learned that if the counter is messy, I go crazy. Also the table. Maybe the floor too.
There are so many things that made me and Ashley just start laughing hysterically over. One of them was Phoenix's eyebrows. He looks at us like we are the weirdest two people he's ever seen. He's probably right. Here is a picture of him looking at Ashley like that. He's not amused..

We could not stop laughing. He looked at her like that for 5 minutes. Ashley was laughing so hard she was crying. He watched the tears go down her face and he just all of a sudden BURST into tears. Maybe because we were laughing like hyenas...? I don't know, but he wasn't happy! Poor little guy. Shortly after, Lincoln said something that was pretty funny. "I have never had babysitters that laugh as much as you guys's weird." Ashley: "That just means that we're happy and love life!!" Lincoln: "yyeaahhh..."

Here's a video of Pheeny:

Tori and Sydney came over to play! That was a lot of fun. Jonah came over also on Wednesday to hang out with the boys! He needs to hang out with boys more often. I would have taken a picture of him playing with the kids, but I lost my camera :( I think it somehow made it's way to the trash..

I am so thankful that I have this family in my life :) Colleen is an awesome person to talk to and hang out with! Hayden, our new youth pastor is totally the best. This family means a lot to me! <3 and I pretty much just met them not 3 months ago! It was a very fun/busy/tiring week!


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