Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Family time

I went over to my sisters house to visit my sister, brother and ex-step mom. They are all doing pretty well.
We are always so weird when we hang out. We make weird videos and take weird pictures. Here are some of them:
Don't ask what my sister is doing

and just for the record, I am not afraid/embarassed to post these ridiculous pictures of myself or anyone else! It's who I am, and everyone has their weird side, also it's very hard for me to just smile like a normal person. I make really weird faces all the time and I guess I just wanted to share some of them.

okay this one's a little embarassing, but I'll post it anyway

So I've known these people for a long time now. My dad Sam was married to Shawna for 9 years. The marriage wasn't the best one. There was lots of fighting and screaming and dysfunction. Poor Jorden was ignored by me and Damon because she was the little sister. We shut doors in her face, we told her we would play with her later and she would wait and wait but we would intentionally never play with her. Poor baby :(  Once day my dad through a rocking chair out the window. We got kicked out of that apartment for the yelling. During one of their big fights everyone left the apartment and the kids had to chose which parent they wanted to go with. I chose my dad and we walked to the police station and just sat. I don't remember us saying anything. They moved into a different apartment. The one I remember the most of. There was 1 day that I remember nobody fought. That day was soo fun, the only day everyone got along. I cherished that moment and I remember it so well.

I still think what it would be like if both of my parents were together. It would be weird, but only because I wouldn't have the people in my life that I do now. I learned a lot when I was a kid. There were problems in the world that I wouldn't understand. My view on parents was either there is 1 taking care of you, or 2 that didn't get along. I knew there were kids with parents that were still together. I was never jealous of them, but I still want to know what it would be like. I'm 18, you'd think I'd be over it by now...I guess I'm not.

Okay this wasn't supossed to be about my life story!haha. But as you can tell by the weird pictures, I have great families now:) My dad is happily married to Kim and I have a little sister Jessica and a brother Trenton:)


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