Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I need a lifeee...

I've seriously been watching the Miley and Mandy show for about 2 hours now...
and i'm not ashamed to say it! I've done it before, and it'll probably happen again.

What is the Miley and Mandy show?
Good question. 
It's basically 2 girls, Miley Cyrus and Mandy Jiroux, making weird Youtube videos that have no point. A lot of what they do is dance around their rooms and interviewing their friends and family, talking about what they did that day or what's in their closet. It's mostly just them 2 in these videos, but they are funny. They are both best friends and they do basically what all best friends do.

and in case you're interested here's a link :)
(don't watch big video that you see first it's just miley talking)

But I like it!
and I really can't find anything else to say about it. This is just a random blog post. It doesn't really mean anything and I have plenty of time to write and do whatever so I'm putting color to all the words on this blog.

but now I'm gonna get me some food...Mom's not home yet.


At October 12, 2010 at 9:00 PM , Blogger LeRoyFam said...

hahahaha. i love your genuineness ashley.


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