Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I miss my team!!

The Goldrush Dance Team

I miss this team more than anything. We were together every single day either practicing or hanging out outside of practice. Even practices were occasionally bonding times! Wendy (our coach) didn't like those super talkative days, surprisingly. Being on a team you have sooo many inside jokes to name. We had practice at 5am every Tuesday and Thursday. We would get ready for school in the locker rooms. I didn't like it then, but man, I miss it now. The only day we didn't have practice is Sunday, but we had to a couple of times. We had 7 hour Saturday practices in the summer. Monday after school until 4:30. All that practice paid off in the end! We got 1st at Nationals:) Number 1 in the nation baby! What an amazing memory! The ring I wear all the time is the one our coaches got our team for winning that year. It's the only ring I wear. 

My ring symbolizes hard work. It's the most important thing to me that I wear. Whenever I think about how hard something is, or start to complain about it, I think, I didn't earn this ring by sitting on my butt complaining at how long and hard practices were. I got it by hard work and determination...(and good coaching of course.)

Practicing that much was exhausting, but totally worth it. My friends were almost annoyed at how much I practiced because we hardly had time to hang out. I have a t-shirt that I got at the Skyview Competition that says, "I can't...I have dance." That described my life. I always had to say that. And quite honestly, I loved saying it. I still wear the shirt.

But now, sinse I'm out of highschool, there is no dance outlet for me. I'm super sad about it. Dance was my life for many years. I miss performing, I miss learning new choreography, but most of all, I just miss dancing! Performing is the greatest feeling. I love the butterflies you get just before you go out on the floor. It's totally the best.

You may think the half-time show is just "whatever." But to us, it's the best feeling. It's the highlight of our night. Performing and then getting told that we did so good. Even if it's not the best reviews, the next day we get to practice and get it perfect for next time we perform it. We love what we do. We love entertaining you, since that is our job.


At October 19, 2010 at 1:33 PM , Blogger Jordan said...

why don't you become a teacher at one of the dance studios around here? I'm sure there are lots of littles who would love to have you for a teacher :)


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