Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A message from Madison, the four year old.

I asked Madie if she wanted to make a blog and she said "What's a byog?" and I said, "a blog is like a book." And this is what she had to say:

"I love Mom forever and ever as this big giant heart. And I love her all day and I pray for her all day. And um, I'll eat lots of vegetables and she will be happy. Aaand, um Gog (her stuffed *dog*) loves you. (Says to dog: "Ruff Ruff, stand up.") I will feed McKinley so you wont feed her everyday, and so you wont have to and your arms wont be tired. And um, I know how to read and um, I can do ballet all by myself. (Says to me: "Hey you know what ashee? I can do ballet all by myself. I used to not be able to do ballet all by myself, but now I can do ballet all by myself...without you.")
"Gog would jump high to you and wake you and if he jumps out to YOU, give him a treat and take good care of him because he loves you. This time he loves you all day. And if he doesn't want you to come by in his car with me, then he would wave at you and you would have to give him. (big breath) a. (big breath) treat. And then he loves you with a cross! ...And a key. With Jesus in the book there are lots of hearts all over him like a circle. First to jesus around him and now the hearts."

About McKinley:
"I love her as a big huge heart. Like a giant. With no people across it. I love her like a huge cross."

To Me:
"Ashee? Do you need a pop back? You can lay on the floor and I can stand on your back and pop it for you."

Me: Ohh I would LOVE that.

4 year old: I need a masaaage!"

Me: YOU need a massage?

4 year old":Yeah!"

Me: "Why?"

4yo: "'Cause."

Me: ""Cause why?"

4yo: ""Cause why?" (Big cheesy smile)

Me: "Are you copying me?"

4yo: "Are you copying me?"

Me: "Madie?"

4yo: "Madie?"

Me: "Why are you copying me?"

4yo: "Why are you copying me?"

Me: "*sigh*"

4yo: "*sigh*"

Me: "Oh brother."

4yo: "Oh brudder."

Me: "Stop!"

4yo: "Stop!"

Me: "Im done with this conversation."

4yo: "I'm done wis confjdksqoil." (something I couldn't make out but I'm assuming she was copying me.)

4yo: "Does that mean stop copying?"

Me: "Yes."

4yo: "My Pink Baret Bunnies are the biggest and the toughest!"

This is what I get to listen to all day. And I love it.


At June 1, 2011 at 7:29 PM , Blogger The Momma Chronicles said...

Oh my heavens that's good stuff.


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