Thursday, February 3, 2011

A day in the life of AB.

Today I woke up to go to work. I was almost late because I had to get gas, and I was just so comfy in my bed. I pushed the snooze button for an hour.
At work today me, Madison and McKinley went for a walk.

I was looking for the park...kindof. We walked along the path that goes by all the houses over there. I didn't know that was there. Madie ran her little heart out. McKinley was sound asleep.
Madie was mad at me for making her do quiet time today. I told her we can watch cartoons for 4 minutes and then she has to go to sleep.
We ended up watch Tom and Jerry for 15 minutes as I rubbed her feet like my grandma used to do for me.

After work me and Ashley went to the mall. I seriously need to stop spending money. But I bought a pair of jeans, some socks, 2 shirts, and underwear. Shopping trip = success.

I have had this headache all day. I'm not one to complain on facebook or anything because it drives me crazy when other people do. But oh well.

I forgot that I was supposed to babysit for Colleen and Hayden tonight. I still don't know what time I was supposed to be here, but I knew I was late because Colleen texted me a million times asking me where I was.
Where was I?
On the couch. Sleeping. My mom didn't even wake me up to tell me my phone was going off.

Well I'm here now. They are on their date still. And I'm about to fall asleep. Goodnight!


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