Friday, July 8, 2011

My week

Sooo, this week I stayed at the Bennetts house to house sit while they went to Gilead. It was a pretty relaxing week. I enjoyed it a lot. Buuut my life is pretty relaxed anyway so it's nothing new. I wish my life was exciting, but that's why I watched Desperate Housewives all week. I watched people have exciting lives while I sat on the couch eating Dots and Ice-cream. NBD.

The dad who lives there has a paper route so I covered that. Woke up at 3:30am, went and got the 130 newspapers from the Tesoro and rolled up a few and put them in a bag to throw on peoples driveway. The rest of the 120 I just nicely rolled up/just folded them in like...messy thirds or something and threw it in the red Tri-City Herald tube. I only got like one complaint a day so...I'd call that paper route a major success. It was a driving route so it was pretty easy. And it was a beautiful drive! The sun is barely out at that time and it's so nice and the air is so fresh! Not to mention I delivered to Doc Hastings. How cool is that?! (I hope you all know who that is...this is a big deal. And PS. When I was making that link I found out that that is not what I thought he looked like. Definitely thought he was someone else...)

I took Reuss with me on the route. He's huuugee. You cant tell in this picture. But he's pretty large.
So back to what I did when I wasn't watching Desperate Housewives. After I was done with the paper route at about 6:30ish, I went back to bed! Well first I started Elf. I always watch a movie to fall asleep to. This week it was Elf. So before bed and naps or getting ready or whatever I start that movie. I pretty much watch it like 4 times a day. After I woke up I would go to my house for a few hours. Then I would come back to check on the dogs and the cat. Then I would watch DH and eat my life away basically. Then I would crawl into bed and read Bristol Palins new book. And then I would put the book down and fall asleep on the Sleep Number bed. For those of you who care my number is 20.