Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Things Madison says:

This blog is some of the things Madison says to me throughout the day. She always says cute things to me, & I don't wanna take it for granted so I decided that I'm gonna try to keep track of some cute stuff she says and does. :)

She REALLY wants to loose a tooth. So that's all she's been talking about. 

Comes up out of nowhere and moves my hair and whispers: "Guess what Ashee?? My TOOS fell out!"

Madison: "Libby said HER toos fell out!"
Me: "No way."
Madison: "Duude, she said: "UH HUHHH"

Madison: "All of my tooses groweded in. And they falleded out in the garbage."


This Thanksgiving was pretty good. It was kind of weird. More different than weird. I'm used to spending it with all my family. But this year, we had a QUIET dinner. Something I'm not used to on Thanksgiving. Last thanksgiving at the Tannehills farm, we all traced our hands and wrote what we were thankful for on a tablecloth. I had forgotten all about that this year, until Aunt Melissa sent this picture...

This definitely made me cry instantly.
How weird to spend a holiday without people you're always used to being with...

Mom made this amazing turkey:

After dinner, we went over to the LeRoys house to spend the rest of the evening with them and their gigantic family.
It was super fun! Although, it was still different.
We decided that we would spend Christmas over there also! Something to look forward to :)

How lucky am I to have family and friends that love and appreciate me!

and whenever Dan wears his black shirt, he reminds me of Steve Jobs...