Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lazy, Misty Saturday

Woke up at Myranda's. Left her house. Went to Espresso World for a regular bagel with cream cheese and a hot chocolate. Drove home in the rain/mist. I love rainy days.
Came home, walked in the door. Mom smiles at me and asks me how my night was. My family was playing Mario, Momma was making lunch. Mary-Beth bounces over to me and she gives me a big hug, I kiss her on the nose and she bounces away.
I sit at the counter and talk to my mom for a while, while I get on my computer to check stuff.
I went to sit on the couch with a blanket and my computer to watch Desperate Housewives, but I wanted to write this blog first. Dan takes a break from Mario, he gets into the marshmallows in the pantry and chucks one at me for me to eat too.
I have Nut curled up, laying next to me sleeping.

Sleepy Hazel
This poor dog has so many nicknames:
-The Haze
-Nut case
-Freak of nature
But no matter what we call her we still love her.

I like listening to my family talk and the noises that the house makes. The washer and dryer going, Hazel snoring, the "whoooaaaa!!!'s from Mom when Dan is playing Mario. Right now the kids are having their quiet time. Or *suppossed* to be having quiet time.
Sometimes we take for granted the people we have in our life. (Well I know I do.) It would be so sad to be alone. Not being able to hear kids in the background laughing and playing. Or maybe they aren't in the background and they are all up in your face. A husband and wife getting along and playing a video game together. Sometimes people miss out on this stuff.
Just think of how it would be if you didn't have the people in your life that you do. Your kids, your spouse, the dumb dog.
Having your family around is so nice.

Family is awesome.
(*are* awesome?)
Having a family is awesome. There, that works.

My Friday Morning.

This morning I woke up at 8:16am. Got ready to meet the girls' mom at the doctor for their appointment. Turns out I didn't need to be there.
I came home, ate some ebleskivers and bacon. I took the last of the coffee too.

(Ebleskivers = delicious pancake balls. Pronounced like "Able-Skeevers." They're Scandinavian.)

 Then me and my mother started budgeting. Like Dave Ramsey says, I need to "name every dollar." We couldn't finish because we don't know how much the gym is going cost exactly every month. I called the gym and they didn't answer. It was probably too early. But it was 9:25...come on. Who ISN'T up by then?

Went on Facebook for like 2 minutes. Then I got bored and got off.

Now I'm "getting ready" to go to coffee with Colleen.

It's a ponytail and sweats kind of day :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The usual.

Today I went to work. Like everyday, I woke up at 5:16 then 5:30 then 5:46. Got up. Sometimes I'll have a cup of coffee. I warm up my car, and then I'm out by 6:15. (Usually still in my PJ's.)
I get to work at 6:45-ish and I walk in and sit down and watch the news till the girls get up.
Here are the girls:

Mondays and Wednesdays Madison has preschool. Those days are usually my favorite because I have the van and I get to go wherever after I drop her off. Like Target. Or home. It all depends on how McKinley is doing. It's hard to get her fed when she's hungry and still get to preschool on time. And it doesn't matter how close or how far away I am from somthing...I'm always late. So don't tell me to leave earlier. I've done it. But somehow picking Madison up from preschool, I'm HARDLY ever late. One time I was late. Only once. They charge you for every minute that you're late. So I try my best to be there pretty early.

This is the best job I could ask for. :)